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Film processing materials

  • Film processing materials
  • Film processing materials
  • Film processing materials
  • Film processing materials
  • Film processing materials
  • Film processing materials
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Country of Origin︰China
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Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


  • Most of pad printing and screen printing use Film to make plate;
  • When this film enter into laser output machine, Laser will exposure to words and drawing. the sensitive layer will be solid and other area keep its un-exposured state;
  • Exposured layer will be not remove and un-exposured layer will be remove with developing liquid;
  • Cover the film onto pad plate or screen plate. There are two areas to be made, one is open area, the other is closed.


  • Used by PM-3266FL and PM-3766FL Laser output film machine. Operating in dark room. It is formed that coating Photosensitive coating layer;
  • Widely used to output films of pad printing process and screen printing process.


  • Package size: 160*160*380mm;
  • Weight: 3.5kg;
  • CBM: 0.009


  • Sahde, cooling and wentilate place;
  • Expiration date: 2 Years


  • Max Density : 4.5;
  • Width: 305mm; Length: 60m;
  • Thickness of PET base: 0.1mm;
  • Sensitization wavelength: 630-670NM


  • Roller shape, easily to cut to correct size;
  • Operating in dark room;
  • Nice planeness to set up even Drawing layer;
  • Very finess of Sensitive layer to set up halftone design;
  • High photosensibility and high Exposure latitude;
  • Rapid developing , well edge quality of words;
  • High contrast and red light, suitable for the image record of He Ne laser source
  • Base expansion and high stability.


  • Putting it on the enter of output machine;
  • Start the computer to let it enter.
  • Cutting it to fit size;


  • Please process it in dark room with safe light, only have red and yellow safe light.Storage︰ Store in the shady ,Obturation and ventilation place

  Film after the formation of latent image after exposure to water after developing and fixing of water freeze treatment. Ultimately form the image area and non-image area. 
In the modern printing industry, copy of film making is all the printing program when one of the first, it is directly related to the printing quality. Therefore, gravure printing, offset printing, letterpress printing all of this as an important part of pre-press technology to treat. 
     Although the CTP technology are advancing rapidly, but in the plate-making technology, especially printing, silk screen, hot stamping field, still holds an important position.


    Using PM-3266FL film output machine film exposed film developing and fixing processing. 
Photographic film output has been, you need water to develop water and fixing latent image freeze, the formation of the final film for the printing down the process of printing down.

Production Advantage ︰

Powder Package, easily for keeping; 
Use Method︰

  •  the developer of the preparation

Developer can prepare them by themselves can also buy ready-made packaging development powder. Developing powder is extremely easy to use package, usage is simple, become suitable for a small amount of flushing Gan Guangpian or print and images. 
1) Prepare the developer of the water temperature is best maintained at 52 ℃. Temperature is too low, slow dissolving drugs, the temperature is too high, easy to make medicines chemical changes affect performance. 
2) The developer of water must be clean, not to use water impurities. Contain too much iron, magnesium, aluminum, calcium in hard water should be boiled to soften; by polluted water, add alum to precipitate filtered. 
3) The developer developing drugs affect the performance of dosage, so the dosage must be in accordance with the formula provided, it should not change. 
4) deployment of liquid should be stirred properly to promote the dissolution of chemicals. Stirring time should not be too keen to avoid too much air dissolved in water, to promote oxidation not keep liquid. 
5) The deployment of a good developer, and often there are a number of impurities, apply a clean gauze or filter paper, photographic material generated class to avoid points.

6)  "Snapshot: that is to restore the silver film on the silver does not dissolve in order to prevent further exposure of this part of silver halide film image. Fixing time for hand-punching is no photographic film after partially transparent, plus double the time. 
7) "washing: Fixing sticky film after the sodium thiosulfate and other chemicals, if not clean, the film will turn yellow failure. Hand punching usually running water 15 to 20 minutes is appropriate. 
8)"dry: hand after punching the film should be dried and placed in a cool dry place for safekeeping.


Developer and fixation easy long-term exposure to air oxidation, should be installed in the brown bottle Gaiyan, placed in the shade, avoid sun exposure.

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