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Film processing materials

Film processing materials

Brefie Most of pad printing and screen printing use Film to make plate; When this film enter into laser output machine, Laser will exposure to words and drawing. the sensitive layer will be solid and other area keep its un-exposured state; Exposured layer will be not remove and un-exposured la...
 Pad Printing Steel plate

Pad Printing Steel plate

Thickness pad plate  British standard Metric standard Number Model of pad printer 4"×4" 100mm×100mm 1 404M     1 P1-404 PM1-100     1 TP1-404 TPM1-100     2 P2-404 PM2-100 4"×6" 100mm×150mm 1 406M     ...
Pad plate making materials

Pad plate making materials

FUJI Coating: 184USD/2lit Brefie Photoresist FUJI original costumes in 2LIT the green cans, in order to slightly yellow transparent liquid clay, with a slight pungent odor. Easy to apply, easy to dry and exposure.   One kind of malysite sensitization Emulsion. Film will be formed after co...
pad printing parts

pad printing parts

Pad Blade:   Description:     There are two kinds of thickness: one is 0.5mm, used by open inkwell pad printer, the other is 0.25mm, used by pad printer with resin plate. Usage︰ Used by Open ink-tray pad printer to remove the ink on the surface of pad plate after coatin...

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