Stamping samples-soft tube, plastic tubes

   Hose generally refers to a soft plastic tube extruded from polyethylene. It is often used in the packaging of facial cleanser, skin cream, toothpaste, ointment and other products in cosmetics. After packaging, the viscous fluid will flow out under the action of pressure. Hot stamping of hoses is a very common process:
1) Semi-automatic curved surface stamping machine: during the stamping process, the hose is generally made of a metal shaft with the same outer diameter as the inner diameter of the hose, inserted into the hose and placed on the workbench. The workbench can shuttle and slide, driving the hose to rotate, and the hose to rotate When it is in close contact with the hot stamping plate on the hot plate, the hot stamping is completed.
2) The automatic curved surface stamping machine is adopted, and the automatic hose stamping machine adopts a vertical turntable to connect the automatic feeding mechanism and the automatic unloading mechanism. Heightened.

Foil stamping samples-Cosmetic case, bottle caps, Decoration parts, Plastics box

   There are many types of flat stamping products. When you encounter flat products, you need to consider the following questions:
   1) What kind of hot stamping machine to choose, semi-automatic hot stamping machine or fully automatic hot stamping machine? Pneumatic hot stamping machine or hydraulic hot stamping machine?
   2) How to make the fixture? A semi-automatic hot stamping machine only needs one fixture, while a rotary hot stamping machine may need several fixtures.
   3) How to choose bronzing paper? There are many types of bronzing paper, which are aimed at products of different materials. Generally, they can be found after necessary tests. There are many colors of bronzing paper, it is not as adjustable as ink, and once the bronzing paper is selected, the color is basically fixed.
   Plane hot stamping is the most popular type of hot stamping process. The metallic properties it obtains on the surface of the product have always been the pursuit of consumers. Hot stamping also has a very important advantage over pad printing and silk screen printing. It is very environmentally friendly and has no environmental pollution.