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Flame treatment machine

  • Flame treatment machine
  • Flame treatment machine
  • Flame treatment machine
  • Flame treatment machine
  • Flame treatment machine
Model No.︰SF250C
Brand Name︰LC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 2538 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

SF250C Cylinder bucket Flame treatment Machine//Usage and characters


  • Mainly used for pre-treatment of polyethylene and polypropylene plastic products;
  • The better ink adhesion is available after the pre-treatment;
  • Cylinder bottles made by PP PE fit.;
  • The normal use of the flame treatment Machine in addition to prepare compressed air, but also to prepare a combustible gas, the machine itself an excuse to set the compressed air and combustible gas;
  • Suitable for bucket, barrel , Pail ect container.

Application fields

  • Electron, Hardware, Auto, Toys, Gifts, Plastics parts,
  • Plastics products, House appliances, work of art, Stationery, Ornament, cosmetic, sports apparatus .

SF250C Cylinder flame treatment Machine//Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Flame width:250mm;
  • Burning Gas:LPG gas;
  • Conveyor speed:0~10m/min;
  • Combustion gas:Compressed air 8kg/cm2 ;
  • Bottle mouth diameter: 300mm;
  • Distance between Support seat: 300mm;
  • Max Bottle diameter: 100mm.

Works supply

  • Power: 1 phase 220V;
  • 5-7bar compress air;
  • Combustible gas

Package list

  •  Dimension: 2.280×0.850×1.000m;
  • Gross weight; 230KG;
  • CBM: 1.938





SF250C Cylinder bucket Flame treatment Machine//Advantage


  • Mainly used for the surface pretreatment of PE and PP plastic products;
  • Micro motor imported from Japan, stepless speed timing mode is adequate for different workpiece requirement;
  • The machine is two sides equipped with baffle-boards to improve the heat efficiency;
  • Advanced gushing nozzle is design generates a good combustion result, it is a product that saves energy;
  • According to the size of your product that is to be printed, replace the taper support to meet the different requirement of workpiece
Summary︰Polyolefin material has excellent chemical resistance and good processing properties, which is why it is used as the main container manufacturing material. However, polyolefin materials are non-polar molecules with low surface tension and poor affinity for ink, so the printability is not good, and the ink is easy to fall off. For this reason, polarizing the surface of the polyolefin material becomes a pre-press treatment An important step, there are many methods for polarizing treatment at present: flame treatment, high frequency treatment, plasma treatment, and chemical oxidation treatment. Flame treatment is the most effective and simplest method for polarizing container polyolefin materials. When you buy a semi-automatic screen printing machine and find that the ink adhesion is not good, you may wish to consider the flame treatment procedure. Nowadays, many users buy fully automatic screen printing machines, which basically regard flame treatment as standard configuration, so you don't need to worry too much.
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