Silk printing samples

Screen printing samples- plain samples and cylinder samples

   Screen printing is known as universal printing, it can print almost everything in the world. In fact, this is just an exaggeration. A big limitation of silk screen printing is that it has relatively large restrictions on the shape of the product. Silk screen printing is more suitable for flat surfaces, or parts of spherical and curved surfaces. In addition, silk screen printing is more suitable for cylinders. Body, cone, ellipsoid. Beyond these shapes of products, the limitations of silk screen printing are obvious.
    There are many types of screen printing machines for flat printing, including semi-automatic, fully automatic, fixed table, sliding table and turntable table. The main feature of the flat screen printing machine is that the scraper moves left and right.
    There are more types of curved surface printing machines, including semi-automatic curved surface printing machines, fully automatic curved surface printing machines, vertical rotary screen printing machines and horizontal rotary screen printing machines.
    After you choose a suitable screen printing machine, the most important studio is to choose the ink suitable for your product material. There are many types of ink for silk screen printing, and almost all liquids with fluid properties can be used. From this point of view, screen printing has become a universal Printing is more suitable.

Screen printing samples-01

Screen printing samples

     The most suitable printing method for cylindrical products is silk screen printing, because the screen printing machine can easily convert the rotating motion of the cylinder into the plane motion of the screen plate. When the rotation of the cylinder and the movement of the screen plate become precise linear contact, The pattern on the screen will be accurately transferred to the surface of the cylinder. Cylindrical products occupy a dominant position in people's daily life, cosmetic bottles, various liquid containers, cups, some toys, gifts, decorations, handicrafts, lamps, water pipes, fishing gear, etc., in the industrial field, more cylindrical products The list goes on and on, car filters, electronic cigarettes, metal heating tubes, capacitors, fire fighting equipment, liquefied gas tanks, fire extinguishers, etc.
     Theoretically, all cylindrical products can be printed with a screen printing machine. Consider the following issues when printing these products:
    1) What kind of ink is used, is it UV ink or solvent ink?
     2) Use a semi-automatic screen printing machine or a fully automatic screen printing machine?
     3) What kind of feeding method should be considered when using a fully automatic screen printing machine?
     4) How to realize color printing?
   There are many types of cylindrical products, but as far as specific products are concerned, it is necessary to carefully analyze the product's material, size, shape features, and printing requirements to prepare the necessary plan.

Screen printing samples-soft tube

     The hose can not only be hot stamped, but also silk screen printed. In order to improve the grade of the product, some hoses are printed with silk screen and hot stamped at the same time. Of course, there are also more heat transfer machines and offset printing for hoses. The ink layer of silk screen printing has a strong three-dimensional effect. Although the image level is not as good as thermal transfer printing and offset printing, its gloss and texture are still very attractive to consumers. Therefore, in the tube packaging for cosmetics, Screen printing occupies a large share.
    Hose screen printing can use a semi-automatic screen printing machine. But most of them can use special automatic vertical tube screen printing machine to print monochrome. It is also possible to use a servo screen printing machine with a horizontal turntable to print multi-colors. The hose screen printing machine is different from the hollow bottle screen printing machine: it must make a plug-in fixture to support the hose for silk screen printing. Since the hose has no positioning points, A photoelectric tracking servo screen printing machine must be used to print multi-colors. Therefore, the price of the horizontal turntable hose screen printing machine is relatively expensive.

Screen printing samples-Plastics panel

Screen printing samples-Containers

   The most commonly used printing process for products such as hollow containers is silk screen printing. Generally, a single curved screen printing machine is used, or a combination process of a flame treatment machine, a curved screen printing machine and a curved UV curing machine, or a fully automatic curved screen printing machine is used for printing.
    There are many types of hollow containers, which generally refer to blow-molded products of plastic materials with a small mouth and a large body. During the printing process, the issue of air blowing and color registration and positioning must also be considered. When you are negotiating with the machinery manufacturer, you must provide the following information of the hollow container accurately: material, size, whether there is an anchor point, whether there is a handle, purpose, and even provide a design drawing.