LC Industries Company Limited 


     Mainly focus on the design, development, production, and distribution of Pad Printers, Screen  Printers, and Hot Stamping Machines.

 Main Products

  Pad printing machine

  • Open-inkwell and Sealed cup pad printer . 
  • 1-2-4-6-10 colors pad printer
  • Pad printer with shuttle and with conveyor;
  • Pneumatic pad printer and Servo pad printer
  • Customized all kinds of non-standard Pad printer

        Bottle caps pad printing machine, Robot pad printer with rotating workbench, Servo pad printer,

Screen printing machine

  •  Semi-automatic screen printing machine

        Desktop screen printing machine

        Flat screen printer with Vacuum table and T table

        Slide workbench screen printing machine

        Cylinder screen printing machine and servo cylinder screen printing machine

  • Full-automatic screen printing machine

        Dragon style cylinder screen printing machine

        Screen printing machine for bottles, jars, containers, cups, buckets

        Rotating disc screen printer for soft tube, glass bottles, cups,

        Full automatic pen-rod screen printing machine, Injection pipe screen printing machine

        customized all kinds of full automatic screen printing machine


Hot foil stamping machine

        Manual hot stamping machine

        Pneumatic hot foil stamping machine

        Hydraulic hot foil stamping machine

        Full automatic hot foil stamping machine

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