Pad printer and China market


China has become the world's industrial base in the center of the pad printing machine, Pad printing machine has an annual production of 30% of sales to the world at more than 146 countries and regions. We have reason to believe that this figure will rise, inexhaustible human resources and a strong driving force of social transformation in China constitute the basis for rapid expansion. From the Chinese point of view of the environment, plastic, electronics, toys, auto parts, gifts and other related industries for the existence and development of pad printing machines to create a more rich soil, on the one hand to promote the traditional growing old pad printing machine business printing machine production, but also for a large number of small private entrepreneurs to create the conditions for low-threshold intervention.
Pay more attention to quality as Pad printing machines manufacturer to win the primary criterion for market share. Large companies to use its financial and technical advantages from the design, market research, manufacturing, procurement, assembly and commissioning of all-round monitoring of such links should be said that quality is relatively stable, the domestic sales of Pad printing machines to compare concentrated in a few slightly larger enterprises. However, due to their low-tech printing machine, the investment is not large, especially in the low-end semi-automatic printing machine design is simple, the structure matures, more and more small businesses involved in the design and manufacture of printing machines, with attentive after-sales services and more flexible marketing strategy, more and more intense destruction of the existing market structure. Existing market equilibrium can not be infinite retention continues, the principle of survival of the fittest in any industry at any time is valid. So how the quality of the Pad printing machine of the monitoring data to implement quality projects began to become established market dominance and thus the target.
China has long pad printing machine manufacturers developed their own standards are too qualitative, it seems very strict, it is more difficult to monitor. Because we did not form a real and effective production process data base, the more dependent on quality control in empirical judgments rather than relying on accurate testing equipment. Tough market competition will force us to face many competitors in the number of words used, to avoid the monotony of pale preaching. Only the truly solid data to prove, Pad printing machines in the market will really like the formation of Germany's benchmark of reputation.