Multi-color stamping process


The bronzing process can achieve metal decoration effect on the surface of the product. If the two-color and multi-color bronzing is realized by silk screen printing or pad printing process, the grade of the product will be further improved. The multi-color bronzing process is not difficult to implement in terms of technology. You can choose a hot stamping machine to stamp a color, and then use another bronzing machine to stamp another color. As long as the relative position of the two colors is packaged, the two-color bronzing is It can be easily implemented. Similarly, more color bronzing is achieved by adding different bronzing machines and bronzing paper. The so-called multi-color hot stamping is actually a multi-color hot stamping paper according to the position of the design map, and can not be overprinted like printing.

Selecting multiple hot stamping machines, although different colors of hot stamping paper can be used to complete more complicated hot stamping images, but the cost is high and the speed is slow. Some users also consider using the same hot stamping machine to realize multi-color hot stamping. The method is on a hot stamping machine. Install more than 2 sets of hot stamping and unwinding devices, and install different gold foils for each winding device.
This multi-color bronzing process is simpler and faster. However, such a bronzing process can only be adapted to situations in which the bronzing regions cannot interfere with each other, which affects the appeal of the bronzing image.
This method is actually a relatively simple method. If you want to get a more infectious multi-color hot stamping image, I am afraid to choose a rotary multi-color hot stamping machine.