Plastics bucket screen printing technical and screen printing machine


The semi -automatic screen printing method is to print it with a semi -automatic screen printer. Since the diameter of the barrel is more than 250mm, the length of the fan -shaped surface is more than 800mm, so the printing itinerary of the semi -automatic screen printer must reach more than 900mm.

Flame treatment
The large diameter plastic bucket uses polypropylene and polyethylene in polyolefin materials. The reason why polyolefin materials are often used to make materials is mainly because of their excellent processing performance and good corrosion resistance. Cosmetics include the resistance of ink. Flame treatment can import oxygen atoms on the surface of the polyolefin material, causing changes in the polarity of the material, thereby generating affinity for inks. You can choose a straight -line flame processor, or you can use a rebate flame processor.

Screen printing
Silk printing is not difficult, but the silk printer may be slightly improved.
The error caused by the rotation itinerary generated by a small semi -automatic screen printer may not have a large error caused by a large diameter plastic barrel screen printer. Therefore, in order to reduce the manufacturing cost, most of the guidance columns of the cylindrical body are used to control the sliding. It is best to control the straight -line guide rail with multilateral section.
A more important quality indicator on the large barrel screen is to ensure the relative width of the binding surface of the large -end and small -end printing areas, that is, this binding surface is best equal. This is particularly important for the design of printing real patterns. Of course, in order to avoid the visual unhappiness caused by the difference between the width difference, we should try to avoid the design of the yin map.
The color of the semi -automatic silk printer is a trouble, but the advantages of the membrane layer thickness and the expressiveness of its texture of the wire printer still prompt the silk printing practitioners to try color printing. Poor printing currently depends mainly on mechanical positioning. The bottom of the plastic barrel should be set to set the positioning point or positioning hole, or the positioning is located through the enhanced edge of the barrel. In the process of version, ensure the high unity of the parameters of each color network version.
The price of polypropylene materials is cheap and rich in source. However, the printing of printing is poor. Flame treatment is a good way. However, the extension of the craft line will increase the cost of small and micro printing enterprises, and requires ink producers to develop free -processing polypropylene inks. It is a hot spot in the market. After being tested on a specific plastic barrel, the ink is avoided to obtain the ideal adhesion to ensure the standardization of the plastic barrel blowing process process. However, before ensuring the standardization of the plastic barrel blowing process, the free -processing PP ink does not necessarily get quality commitments: In order to reduce costs at the source of the material, the continuous changes in the additives are caused by the indirect instability of PP ink. The main reason, therefore, it is recommended that users use flame treatment may be a better option. UV ink is a successful example of repeated praise for environmentally friendly inks, and the application on the large plastic barrel is also successful. When choosing UV inks, UV curing machines are unavoidable.
The UV curing machine is also an amplified version of the small curved UV curing machine. There are also linear UV curing machines and rotating UV curing machines. The rotating UV curing machine is a more secure device, which avoids the operator's risk of directly facing UV light.

Full automatic silk printing method

With the semi -automatic silk printing process, naturally there will be automatic silk printing technology. The automatic curved wire printer is very mature. It has been well verified in the practice of hoses, cups, hollow containers, cosmetics boxes and other products. However, the size of these products is relatively small, and a large -sized plastic barrel wire printer may require more details to improve.

Need to suck a larger transmission mechanism, the plastic barrel itself is larger, and a larger power vacuum pump is required to provide the suction force required for the mouth to be installed to transfer the plastic barrel

It is necessary to be more uniform and stable flame treatment device. The long diameter plastic barrel rotates a week longer than small products. The flame treatment must be able to cover all areas that need to be printed, and the flames are uniform to ensure that the surface tension of each area is stable.

The itinerary of the wire printing process network frame is more than 900mm. The plastic barrel itself is not a cylindrical body, but a cone with a certain cone. Under the premise that the image is basically unchanged, there may be compression in large end, and the small end may have stretching. So the speed of the machine cannot be too fast. In order to ensure the quality of printing, in addition to the use of straight -line guide rails to control the movement of the network version, the rotation accuracy of the fixture should be improved as much as possible.

The semi -automatic wire printing process can not use UV inks, but the full -automatic wire printer must use UV ink. Auto wire printers have fast printing speed. Ink must ensure the infiltration of the web version. Once the net is caused, the machine will be forced to stop, causing great losses.

Full automatic silk printer has many advantages, but after all, the price is too expensive, so the sales volume is limited. Most users still choose the semi -automatic silk printing method. However, if the semi -automatic silk printing involves more than three -color decoration, it is indeed too troublesome.


  • Plastics bucket screen printing technical and screen printing machine
  • Plastics bucket screen printing technical and screen printing machine