UV ink and automatic screen printing machine


The basic requirements of the automatic screen printing machine for the printing process are fast, consistent and uninterrupted. In addition to the design of the press, the perfect match of the process elements is also very important.

Printing is the process by which ink is transferred to the surface of the product and completely cured. Screen printing is a leak-off printing method in which ink is placed on a screen and then alternately coated and smeared on the surface of the product with a squeegee and a squeegee. The ink stays in the infiltrated state on the screen and does not dry out. The ink in the hollow will be printed on the surface of the product without stopping. If there is a dry knot, even if it is a short dry knot, the printing of the machine will stop. This is not allowed.
So, how to control the infiltration state of the ink on the screen? The answer is to use UV ink
The main costs in the ink are pigments, binders and solvents. The binder in the UV ink is mainly acrylic resin, which does not dry out under natural light conditions, and will only dry out under the condition of UV light irradiation. Therefore, the UV ink will not dry out on the screen, thus maintaining a long-lasting effect. Infiltration state.
However, if the UV ink is present on the screen for a long time, it will also cause a net, because the natural light also contains a trace amount of ultraviolet light. So after the machine stops, you should also clean the ink in time.