How to print pen rod with pad printer


The pen is an important writing instrument that plays a very important role in our daily lives.
How to print the pen?

If you only print the logo at a certain position of the pen, the pad printing machine is the preferred printing method. Because the LOGO size on the pen is not too large, the monochrome oil machine, the monochrome oil pad printer, manual pad printing. The machine can be completed. Some users prefer a two-color or multi-color logo. Then you can choose a two-color or more-color pad printer.

These semi-automatic pad printers are relatively inefficient and require frequent placement and removal of the pen holder. Customized fully automatic penholders will become urgent as you get enough investment or find ways to improve the labor intensity of your workers.
In fact, it is to install a feeding mechanism or a feeding mechanism on the semi-automatic pad printing machine. In order to make the printing continuously, the positioning mechanism, the PP water coating device or the robot are also installed on the machine.


  • How to print pen rod with pad printer
  • How to print pen rod with pad printer