How to choose screen printing machine?


When a product with size larger than 200*300mm or a printing area larger than 200*300mm is printed, a flat screen printing machine is preferred. There are several issues to consider when choosing a flat screen printer:

1) Choose inspiratory or T-slot.
The aspirating flat screen printing machine is mainly designed for printing paper and film, and the film and paper are adsorbed on the work table during printing. The aspirating screen printing machine can also print some injection molding products. In this case, the fixture needs to be fixed on the table with double-sided tape. Since the double-sided tape will penetrate into the suction hole, it will affect the next silk screen printing of paper and film products. Therefore, it is not recommended to use an air suction type screen printing machine to print injection molding products. The T-slot screen printing machine can be easily fixed to the fixture, so it is very suitable for injection molding products with three-dimensional shape, but these screen printing machines are not suitable for printing paper and film products.

2) Pneumatic or electric?
 Pneumatic flat screen printing machine is not as accurate as electric flat screen printing machine. When you require higher precision printing, electric flat screen printing machine should be preferred. Pneumatic flat screen printing machine is suitable for monochrome color screen printing, partial UV coating and ink thickness. There are no strict requirements. In order to further improve the precision of the electric screen printing machine, the frame moves up and down, and the left and right movements of the squeegee are controlled by precision linear guides. This screen printing machine is suitable for printed circuit boards, overprint color printing, and coating with high thickness requirements. print.

3) Is the servo important?
 Servo drive is a control method for position adjustment. When you have a wide variety of products, need different position adjustments, and the printing position is also changeable, you can recommend to buy a servo-driven screen printing machine. If the screen is up and down, scraper The left and right movements have servo control, which is much more convenient when changing the product for position adjustment.

4) Is it a slide or a turntable?
Screen-fixed screen printers are generally not safe. The operator must put his hand into the space of the screen and the workbench. This is a potential safety hazard. If there is a malfunction, the hand may be stuck. The table of the screen printing machine can be removed before and after the printing is completed. In a safe space, it is much safer for the operator to pick and place products. However, the screen printing machine of the sliding table has another disadvantage. Because the movement of the table will cause time loss, its efficiency will be further reduced. More and more users will choose the rotary screen printing machine, and the rotary screen printing machine ensures safety. , but it does not lead to a decrease in efficiency.

Another obvious advantage of the rotary screen printing machine is that it has multiple working positions, and the robot can be loaded and transferred to a subsequent process such as an IR or UV curing machine to achieve a higher degree of automation.


  • How to choose screen printing machine?
  • How to choose screen printing machine?