Workbench of Multi-color pad printer


The most common workbench for multicolor pad printers is the shuttle table, the elliptical plane table and the tank belt table. Different work stations determine the different product delivery methods.

1) Shuttle workbench
   There is a shuttle platform on the shuttle table that moves back and forth across different printing locations for multicolor pad printing. The shuttle table has high precision and the product can be larger in size, but the shuttle table is less efficient and can only print one product per cycle.

2) Plane elliptical workbench
    The plane elliptical workbench usually drives a different number of platforms on the elliptical orbit by the chain, and each time one station is moved for printing, there are 10, 12, 16, 20 or even 30 stations. Each station requires a product and fixture to be placed. Due to the mutual constraints between the fixtures, there are errors in the manufacturing process of the fixture, and the overprint precision of the plane elliptical table is relatively poor, but the efficiency is higher than that of the shuttle pad printer. The elliptical plane table is prone to interference between the stations at the corners, so the product size should not be too large. Normally, the pad printers printed on this workbench are relatively small.

3) Tank belt workbench
The tank belt type workbench is a workbench that combines the advantages of a flat elliptical table and a shuttle table. It adopts a vertical circular transmission method, and the outer shape of the product is limited. The tank belt workbench is also more suitable for products with larger appearance.


  • Workbench of Multi-color pad printer
  • Workbench of Multi-color pad printer