Hydraulic hot stamping machine for shopping bags


The molded shopping bag is similar to an open rectangular box for shoes, hats, clothing, high-end gifts, or some electronic products. It is widely used and is a common commodity in modern commercial retail terminals. For those large printing and packaging companies, they have invested in huge bag making machines and printing machines, and they are constantly producing different types of shopping bags.
   However, there are a large number of small and medium-sized printing and packaging companies in the global market. They may not be able to accept such huge investment. They may be looking for printing on the formed shopping bags but the investment is not a big process.
    This is the bronzing process and the silk screen process. The bronzing process is the packaging and decoration process that best reflects the grade of the shopping bag.
To this end, we have developed a flat stamping machine specifically for paper bags.
1) With the hydraulic system, because the shopping bag is busy with a lot of high-grade special paper, it requires a lot of pressure, and the pressure of the hydraulic hot stamping machine can reach 60 tons. In addition to flat bronzing, it is also suitable for three-dimensional bronzing on paper bags.
2) The workbench adopts a cantilever structure, and the shopping bag can be easily inserted into the workbench for precise bronzing. The table top of the workbench can be replaced according to the size of the different shopping bags.
3) The pressure of hydraulic hot stamping is very high. Once a safety accident occurs, the consequences will be very serious, so the machine uses two-button operation.