Do you know cylinder UV dryer?


The chemical resistance of UV inks makes them widely used in cosmetics, petrochemicals, detergents, etc., but the UV ink drying process requires a special UV curing machine to process. Most of the fully automatic screen printing machines will be equipped with UV curing machines, but for those who purchase curved screen printing machines separately, if you want to use UV inks, you must purchase UV curing machines separately. Now we have a few tips on how to choose UV curing machines. Suggestions:
1) Product shape considerations
The shape of the product is very large, but it can be roughly divided into bottles, cups and plastic buckets. Different shapes of products should be considered to make different support fixtures
The characteristics of the bottle products are large mouth and small belly. The support fixture of the UV curing machine is very common for the cone. The cup products are often larger than the body. At this time, the shape of the frustum made of different steps is more suitable. You can Different cups are placed on cones of different diameters for processing. Some plastic drums with large diameters can be regarded as large-sized cups, and the support body can be made into a disc.

2) Product material considerations
Plastic products are more common, ordinary UV curing machines can be used, but there are also ceramic, glass, metal type materials, although ordinary UV curing machines can be used, but once the operator fails to remove the products in time, the products may fall to the ground. Cause damage. For such products, it is recommended to consider a rotary UV curing machine. The rotary UV curing machine has a large area and a higher price.

3) Environmental considerations
UV curing machine is a machine that produces UV light, and UV light has some damage to human skin. Avoiding the leakage of UV light is also a problem that enterprises paying attention to the health problems of operators. The common practice of common UV curing machines is now common practice. The longer the conveyor belt, the operator can stay away from the ultraviolet light. More thorough avoidance of UV light leakage, or the use of a rotary UV curing machine, manufacturers can easily install multiple closed spaces to achieve.