What equipment needed during screen plate making


Screen printing machine is inseparable from the screen version. It can be said that when you buy a screen printing machine, you have begun to consider how to make a screen plate? Those high-end customers will consider buying a CTS system. More SMEs will consider buying cheaper devices to make their own screens. Making a screen plate requires a complex process. Perhaps only a highly trained operator can produce a screen plate that meets the requirements. So what equipment is needed to make a screen plate?

 1) Stretching machine
The Stretching machine is a device that tensions the silk to the top of the screen frame. According to the source of the tensioning power, it can be divided into a mechanical Stretching machine and a pneumatic Stretching machine. The pneumatic Stretching machine can pull out the screen with a large tension. The mechanical Stretching machine can pull out the medium tension screen plate . For most screen printers, mechanical Stretching machines are sufficient.

2) Photosensitive coating machine
You can apply the photoresist to the surface of the screen by hand. You can also purchase the photoresist coater for automatic coating. The photosensitive layer obtained by automatic coating is much more uniform, and the thickness accuracy of the screen is also easy to ensure. If you are engaged in high-end color screen printing, the automatic coater is the ideal choice. Of course, for most users, many operators like to enjoy the process of hand coating.

3) Drying closet
After the photoresist is applied, after exposure and development, it is necessary to use a baking box to dry the screen, which can greatly improve the life of the screen. Especially for the production of batch screens, the data management of different batches of screens is particularly important.

4) Printing machine
The plate printing machine is the most important equipment in the plate making process. It is a process of transferring the image of the negative film to the surface of the photosensitive layer by exposure. Due to the difference in production standards, the price of the plate-making machine varies greatly and the performance is also uneven. How to choose a printer depends on the accuracy of your printed product.