Pad printer with horizontal scraping type inkcup


The inkcup pad printing machine is very environmentally friendly, but the printing pattern size of the inkcup pad printing machine must be smaller than the coverage area of ​​the cup blade process. In fact, its printing area is smaller than that of the open
inkwell pad printing machine of the same pad plate size. The size of the inkcup also determines the size of the printed area. The usual inkcup diameter is 90mm and 150mm. Of course, there are also 200mm diameter and even larger inkcup on the market. Therefore, the inkcup pad printing machine can only print patterns of less than 150 mm on one side. It is difficult for the inkcup pad printing machine parallel to the moving direction of the rubber pad to expand in length, and the printing length is restricted.
   In order to maximize the printing length of the inkcup pad printer, the inkcup pad printer that blades the ink perpendicular to the direction of the rubber pad is a good choice.
   We refer to this inkcupl pad printing machine as a horizontal scraping type inkcup pad printing machine. The horizontal scraping type pad printing machine can be installed with a longer steel plate. The current mature steel plate length is 1M. According to the calculation, 150*1000mm steel plate is installed. The maximum printing area of ​​the inkcup pad printer can reach 130*800mm. Obviously, the horizontal pad printing machine is very suitable for printing rectangular or nearly rectangular objects with very different length and width dimensions, such as rulers, infusion tubes, plastic tubes, decorative strips, plastic handles, photo frames, etc.