PP bucket and hot stamping machine


PP plastic buckets are widely used in the market. It is mainly used to hold lubricants, hydraulic oils, paints, resins and various decorative materials. Among them, plastic barrels with a diameter of more than 250mm are the most. Printing on such large-diameter plastic barrels is used by many brand suppliers. At present, the more mature processes are offset printing, thermal transfer, and silk printing. These three processes have their own advantages in terms of technology, craftsmanship and price. Different users choose according to different levels of demand. It should be said that they have won a certain market share.
  As we all know, bronzing is a very high-end printing process, which increases the added value of the product obviously. It has wonderful performance on many products, but when the diameter of the product is greater than 250mm, the manufacturing of the hot stamping machine becomes more difficult. The control of the parameters is also more troublesome. It is difficult to achieve exquisite printing, which is why the large-diameter plastic barrels rarely use the hot stamping process.
  However, any decoration method will encounter tryrs who are willing to pay some time and price to learn more exquisite craftsmanship. Such a hot stamping machine has also been manufactured, and it has achieved a good metallic gloss effect, which has been recognized by customers.