How to print mark with pad printing machine


At the end of 2019, the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new crown virus spread rapidly around the world, raising widespread concerns about health issues. The new crown virus is transmitted through droplets. The pathogens breathe the new crown virus into the atmosphere. The virus dispersed in the air enters the healthy body with the human respiratory system, causing lung infection. For ordinary people, wearing protective masks is an important means to prevent the spread and spread of the new crown virus. The World Health Organization is calling for masks worldwide to eliminate possible health damage
There are many types of masks. We can simply divide them into pure protective masks and medical masks. N95 in medical masks has been proven to have a very significant barrier effect on the new crown virus. Straps are common in virus-infected spaces and hospitals. You may notice that N95 masks need to be printed, so someone will definitely ask how it is printed?

In fact, mask printing after molding is not a new technology at all. It already exists. Practitioners who understand pad printing technology have long known that it can be printed with pad printers.
   The points we know are: you have to choose a monochrome pad printer, oil pan, oil cup can be, oil cup will be better. In order to ensure that the ink does not cause secondary damage to the wearer, you should consider choosing water-based inks. Water-based inks use water as a medium and have mild properties.