Glass wine bottles screen printing technicals


Glass is an amorphous solid material, mainly made of silicates (such as quartz sand) that are melted and cooled at high temperatures. It has the characteristics of transparency, resistance to heat and cold, corrosion resistance, and good optical properties. In daily life, glass is widely used in the packaging of wine, cosmetics and other fluids.
Silk screen printing technology is the main printing technology for glass bottle decoration. It has the advantages of bright colors, strong coverage, high gloss, anti-friction, acid and alkali resistance, etc.
The scraper squeezes the screen printing plate to transfer the ink to the glass bottle through the graphic part of the screen printing plate, forming the same graphic and text as the original.
The main steps are as follows:

1. Make a screen printing plate: First, make the designed pattern into a screen printing plate. The pattern part of the printing plate has unobstructed mesh, and the non-pattern part of the mesh is blocked by photosensitive adhesive.

2. Prepare ink: Choose ink suitable for glass material, usually solvent-based glass ink and UV glass ink.

3. Printing: Install the screen printing plate, place the glass bottle on the workbench, operate the machine, the glass bottle rotates, and the ink is transferred to the glass bottle through the graphic part of the printing plate.

4. Drying: Put the printed glass bottle into the dryer for drying. Solvent-based ink requires an IR drying oven, or it can be dried naturally. UV ink requires a UV drying oven.