How to print round objects with pad printer?


We often think pad printing technology can not reach the quality of the screen printing quality, which seems to be a misunderstanding. There are two cases may force we must consider the Cylinder pad printing process: one is the product of the diameter of less than 15mm, the other is the end product with extra parts. This hinders the excess part of the whereabouts of stencil, but Pad printing can easily bypass it. We are an Indian company customized P1-806S pad printing Machine for an Indian compay , installed greater pad plate, the size of 200 * 150mm, it can print a maximum diameter of 60mm. Generally, 60mm diameter need cylindrical screen machine. But just because the customer's end product has a very long handle, only the use of pad printing machine to complete its decoration。
In order to improve the accuracy of peripheral interfaces of products to be printed, the latest pad printing machine with a linear guide for the shuttle station to control the position of the shuttle station Repeat accuracy 0.03mm. Much more than using the cylindrical guide shaft accuracy.