Pad printer and PVC wristband


The wristband is a kind of symbol worn on the wrist. It is used to identify the specific people's information identification and effective management. It is widely used in medical, tourism, manufacturing and other industries. The wristband comes in a variety of materials, and PVC is the most involved type of printing.
    Printing on the surface of PVC material is an important means for the wristband to obtain the corresponding functional information. Silk screen, hot stamping, pad printing and inkjet printing are all mature processes.
   Silk screen:
   Silk screen can get a thicker layer of ink, bright colors. If UV ink is used, the gloss will be greatly improved. In recent years, with the popularity of the screen printing machine and the rotary screen printing machine, the silk screen printing share of the PVC wristband has increased greatly. The silk screen printing is also the fastest printing process, involving a large number of wristband printing, silk screen printing is the preferred method.
   Hot stamping:
   Bronzing is slower, but it's the beauty of metal texture, making it the first choice for high-end wristband printing. You can get a dazzling bronzing wristband by choosing the color of the gilded paper. Manual flat stamping machines and pneumatic flat stamping machines are all types that users prefer.
   Pad printing:
   The printing of the wristband was originally carried out by the pad printing process. The pad printing can be applied to any shape of the wristband, and the pad printing can achieve multi-color overprinting at a lower cost. At present, shuttle type pad printing machines are more commonly used for wristband printing.
   inkjet print:
   For those who don't want to spend most of their time on the plate making process, printing a PVC wristband with a UV inkjet printer may be the ideal way. Printing is rapidly eroding the traditional printing field. Its advantage is the richness of color, not limited by the plate making process, and individualized design ideas. However, the printing speed is very slow, and the texture of the image is still difficult to compare with the conventional printing.