How to print and decorate on plastics cups?


Cups are often encountered containers in people's daily lives, as printing practitioners, we often encounter many customers asking how cups are printed? There are also many kinds of materials for cups, and in view of the length, we will only talk about the printing of plastic cups in this article. In the printing process in the industrial field, except for gravure printing on the cup has not been tried, the cup can be decorated by all other printing methods. For example, offset printing, flexographic printing. Screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, thermal transfer printing, inkjet printing in special printing are more than extraordinary adaptability. In the mainstream printing field, whether it is flexographic printing or offset printing, the price is very expensive, suitable for the printing of very large quantities of cups, and for small batches of cups, special printing methods are more suitable. Screen printing is the most common way to decorate the cup, at present, the machine for cup screen printing mainly has semi-automatic screen printing machine, servo chromatic screen printing machine and automatic cup screen printing machine, cup silk screen printing process to UV silk screen printing is more common, its advantages have two aspects, one is the ink layer gloss is high, the other is relatively environmentally friendly, for the automatic screen printing machine, he will not plug the net.
Another common decorative method of plastic cup is heat transfer printing, which is a process of transferring the pattern above the heat transfer film to the surface of the cup through the action of heat and pressure, it is the preferred way to form a rich hierarchical image on the surface of the cup, you need to first print the design pattern with an intaglio printing machine to the PET film, and then use a semi-automatic heat transfer printing or a fully automatic heat transfer machine to transfer the pattern to the surface of the cup. As far as the current situation is concerned, silk screen printing and thermal transfer printing occupy half of the cup printing. Hot stamping is another kind of decoration method similar to the thermal transfer printing process, it uses hot stamping paper, if the user only wants to use the trademark to mark their own products, hot stamping is a simple but decent method, we will also improve the pad printing, in fact, in recent years, those proficient in the pad printing technology of the factory continues to use the pad printing method to print the cup, the effect is also good, the pad printing cup, the process is relatively simple, the plate making is also simpler than other processes, but the pad printing is not very suitable for the printing of the entire cup circumference, Those high-precision printing, pad printing is difficult to complete.