Trash can and screen printing machine


Urban garbage removal is inseparable from trash cans. Those trash cans placed in every corner of the city do not seem to be regarded as landscapes, but if there are no trash cans, no matter how beautiful the scenery in the city will be affected. As far as the current urban management is concerned, trash cans can be said to be indispensable and have established a close connection with people's daily life.
Most of the trash cans in the city are mobile. With the advancement of mechanized removal and transportation, the trash cans must be able to cooperate with the dump trucks.
Most of the trash cans need to be decorated. At present, the most commonly used method for trash cans is silk screen printing, and some of them use bronzing. Since the trash can itself is a very large container with a large space in the middle, both silk screen printing and bronzing must adopt a cantilever structure to support the trash can. In principle, designing such a screen printing machine is not complicated, but due to the large size of the product, it is not easy to place and remove the product. Manufacturers must consider how to give users a good operating experience.