Introduce UV LED Technicals and UV LED curing machine


UV curing ink technology is called the revolution of ink curing technology, but with the development of printing technology, UV curing technology also shows some defects, such as the need for higher starting voltage, the surface temperature of the product is higher, it is easy to cause the product Deformation, ultraviolet light will damage the skin of the human body, etc. In recent years, the manufacturing technology of light-emitting diodes has developed by leaps and bounds, and the curing of ink by making the light-emitting diodes emit ultraviolet light has made great progress, and it has become a trend to install light-emitting diodes on machines. UV LED has brought revolutionary changes to the traditional UV curing industry. It has constant light intensity, excellent temperature control, and environmental friendly characteristics, which promote the quality improvement of UV curing process. At the same time, because UV LED does not need high voltage to start, it has high safety and obvious advantages in energy saving and consumption reduction.

The main advantages of UV LEDs:

low heat radiation

The light-emitting diode emits less infrared rays, so the heat radiation is low, and the surface temperature of the irradiated product is low, which is especially suitable for temperature-sensitive printing substrates.

Environmental friendly

Traditional UV curing lamps use mercury as a reflective medium. The infiltration of waste mercury into the environment will cause certain damage to water bodies and soil. At the same time, traditional mercury lamps have high intensity and are easy to cause damage to human eyes and skin. The LED curing machine uses semiconductor light, the brightness is not high, and the damage to the human body is relatively light.

Illumination intensity

The essential reason for ink drying is that the small molecular resin in the ink is cross-linked into macromolecular resin, and the curing speed depends on the intensity of UV light. Conducive to the rapid curing of ink.

Low energy consumption

The UV LED light source consumes power only when irradiating, and consumes almost zero power when in standby. Significant energy savings can thus be achieved.

At present, UV curing devices using UVLED light sources have been successfully used on flat and curved UV curing machines to cure paper, film and bottles. On fully automatic screen printing machines, UVLED technology has also been popularized. Whether it is an inline multi-color screen printing machine or a rotary multi-color screen printing machine, there are options for UVLED and traditional UV curing light sources, you can choose according to your own preferences.