How to print 5-Gallon water bucket with screen printing machine


Printing of 5 Gallon Mineral Water Buckets
Nowadays, people's household water generally uses bottled water, and the PC mineral water bucket with a capacity of 5 gallons or about 18 liters is the most common, and it is often used in conjunction with a water heater.
5-gallon mineral water buckets have different shapes from different manufacturers, but they are generally cylindrical. In order to increase the strength, most factories will make annular bulges, and some mineral water buckets are specially designed with handles. The size of the mineral water bucket is about 300mm in diameter and about 350mm in height.
In order to improve brand recognition, manufacturers and water providers will establish their own identification marks on the barrel, such as lettering on the blow molding mold, or sticking supplier information in the form of self-adhesive labels.
Today we mainly discuss the application of silk screen printing process on 5 gallon mineral water bucket
In fact, silk screen printing is currently the main process for decoration of 5 gallon mineral water buckets. Screen printing has low cost, simple operation and good printing effect.
Whether it is a semi-automatic screen printing machine or a fully automatic screen printing machine, perfect printing can be achieved on the mineral water bucket. For semi-automatic screen printing machines, we may encounter how to choose a suitable machine for customers. The diameter of the mineral water bucket is about 300mm, and the length of its unfolded surface reaches 1000mm. If you want to print on the entire perimeter, you must choose For a curved screen printing machine with a long stroke like the S-380S, the price of the machine will be higher. However, there are also many users who only need to print on half of the perimeter of the surface of the mineral water bucket, and do not need such a large stroke. You only need to recommend the S-125SM curved screen printing machine with a stroke of only 400mm. Such machines are also much cheaper.
For those large-scale mineral water bucket manufacturers, the efficiency of the semi-automatic screen printing machine may be too low to meet the customer's fast delivery requirements. You can also choose a fully automatic mineral water bucket screen printing machine, which will greatly improve the printing speed. Of course, The price of such a machine is very expensive.
The silk screen printing of mineral water buckets is not complicated, but when you buy a silk screen printing machine, you need to communicate with the supplier in detail. Considering that the surface morphology of mineral water buckets is complex, how to use special screen and scraper structure may require special design. .