Leather emboss and leather gilding


Leather commonly used in notebooks, restaurant menu covers, purses, shoes, electronic products packaging and manufacturing.
Leather stamping and graphic embossed surface is the most common decorative techniques. Because leather is soft, hot stamping insufficiency often have drawbacks, so the technology in the market, the market share of slightly embossed stamping techniques.
Imprint does not use foil paper, so when choosing stamping machine stamping machine can also use the device without a roll.
We also recommend the user to select a hydraulic stamping machine and big pressure when compared with large-format embossing process for pneumatic hot stamping machine.
Leather embossed hot plate is not suitable for use silica gel plates, corrosion edition, the best selection of the thickness of the deeper engraved copperplate.


  • Leather emboss and leather gilding
  • Leather emboss and leather gilding