Golf flying disc and hot foil stamping machine


Increasingly fierce market competition to win customer orders is becoming increasingly difficult.
The rapid development of the Internet today, you have to choose a variety of hard advertising to promote their products: search engines, portals to buy advertising.
But old customers word of mouth is still the best way to get our ongoing orders.
We have no hurry to exaggerate the advantages of the product, it is difficult to flood the market with Chinese enterprises to stop and carefully study their own products. However, we believe that: a good product is not much to boast of, those who truly understand the mechanical sooner or later someone will know you by reputation.

Europeans like a Frisbee sport very much, and the Frisbee in motion is made of polyethylene material. The factory that makes the Frisbee will require bronzing and heat transfer. In addition to the gloss produced by bronzing and the rich tones produced by thermal transfer, users pay great attention to the environmental protection of the production process. There is no ink in the production process of bronzing and thermal transfer, which conforms to strict environmental protection standards, so it is favored by such sports equipment manufacturers. .
It is more common to use the hot stamping process for plastic Frisbees, but some users also consult the thermal transfer process. So can the frisbee use the thermal transfer process, and what kind of machine should I choose?
The so-called thermal transfer printing is to print the pattern that needs to be transferred onto the PET film by gravure printing, screen printing or inkjet printing, and then use a hot stamping machine and a thermal transfer machine to perform heat and pressure operations.
First of all, we have defined the thermal transfer machine as the roller embossing type, and the bronzing machine as the flat embossing type. To perform the thermal transfer process, it is necessary to install an electric eye tracking system on the machine. The electric eye tracking system can control the conveying motor of the thermal transfer film to brake according to a certain position, and then a heat and pressure lamination action occurs.
This is consistent with our common thermal transfer process.
So can thermal transfer be achieved on a flat bronzing machine? The answer is also yes.
The flat bronzing machine can also be installed with thermal transfer film, and similarly, the electric eye tracking system can also be installed. Therefore, as long as a flat silicone plate is installed on the flat foil stamping machine, and the necessary tension control is performed on the conveying device of the foil stamping paper, thermal transfer printing can still be achieved.
But usually we do not recommend users to use a flat bronzing machine to realize the thermal transfer process, because the roller embossing type machine is a line contact, and the printing quality is easy to ensure, while the flat bronzing uses a surface contact, and the contact area is easily mixed with air, resulting in The adhesion of the local film paper decreased. However, in some cases, a flat heat transfer process must be used, such as the heat transfer of snowboard wheels, and the heat transfer of the top of some concave caps.
The hot stamping on the plastic Frisbee needs a lot of pressure. The pressure of more than 5 tons is possible to achieve the perfect hot stamping effect. On the plastic material, the polyolefin material is not easy to be hot stamped. In addition to choosing special hot stamping paper, it is also necessary to High-pressure bronzing machine, if the bronzing pressure is not enough, it is difficult for the bronzing paper to obtain excellent adhesion.
The hot stamping on the plastic Frisbee has also become multi-colored in recent years. Due to the low entry barrier for single-color hot stamping, many users are facing increasing market pressure. They consider three-color or even more color hot stamping on the plastic Frisbee.
The principle of multi-color bronzing and multi-color pad printing is the same, but there is an obvious difference. Multi-color bronzing can only be the superposition of color blocks, and it is impossible to reproduce the tone, and different colors of bronzing paper are not allowed to appear. overlay.
Multi-color bronzing machines are either in-line or turntable. At present, there are many turntables on the market.