How to print on plastics crates with printing machine?


Plastic turnover boxes and plastic frames occupy an important position in the transshipment of fragile products and fragmented products, especially in various factories, they are almost indispensable. Plastic turnover boxes are injection-molded with polyolefin materials on large injection molding machines. According to their surface characteristics, we simply classify them into turnover boxes with a flat surface and turnover boxes with a rib structure on the surface.
How to print the turnover box is a concern of many people.
1) Bronzing
At the entrance of shops, pharmacies, and restaurants, you sometimes find piled up turnover boxes, and there are often golden words on a certain position on it, and these are bronzing. Hot stamping is no different for turnover boxes with a flat surface and a turnover box with a rib structure on the surface. As long as the hot stamping position is adjusted, the hot stamping is no problem. But for the turnover box with rib structure, you may need to make a thicker hot stamping plate to avoid the influence of ribs.
2) Thermal transfer printing
Turnover boxes seldom use heat transfer printing, but some shopping baskets and fruit baskets used in supermarkets are decorated with bright and eye-catching images in order to attract customers, so you must use heat transfer machines. However, thermal transfer printing is not suitable for turnover boxes with ribbed structures on the surface. Compared with bronzing, thermal transfer printing has richer colors and stronger expressive force.
3) silk screen
It is also very common to use silk screen printing for turnover boxes, which has many similarities with bronzing. Since the size of the screen cannot be made too small, there will be some requirements for the turnover box with a rib structure, for example, the area of the part to be printed should not be too small, and the screen must be able to fall. Obviously, if the surface is a completely smooth turnover box, there is no limit to silk screen printing. Of course, if you print many colors, you can buy multiple screen printing machines to print one color and one color.
Generally speaking, the adhesion can be solved by choosing the appropriate polyolefin ink, or you can choose a special flame treatment machine to deal with it.
4) pad printing
It is not very common to use pad printing on turnover boxes, but when those turnover boxes with rib structure need to be printed, and the printing position is not large, you can consider using pad printing. The outstanding advantage of pad printing is the deformation of the pad printing rubber head, so it has good adaptability to any shape of the product. When manufacturing such a pad printing machine, the travel of the pad printing machine needs to be considered, because the part to be printed on the turnover box may be close to the center.
How about it, do you have a preliminary understanding of the printing of plastic turnover boxes and plastic frames?


  • How to print on plastics crates with printing machine?
  • How to print on plastics crates with printing machine?