Problems needing attention in purchasing pneumatic printing equipment


The fully automatic garment printing machine has a unique structure in the screen printing machine. All the printing heads and worktables rotate around a central layout. Due to the compact structure, it can achieve up to 10-12 colors in a leisurely space. It is suitable for Medium and high-precision piece printing, stable operation, high efficiency, convenient adjustment, exquisite structure and so on.
The high-precision column rotation mechanism is adopted to ensure the symmetry of the machine rotation;
The high-strength cast aluminum workbench is adopted, and the workbench is fixed by a pull shaft to ensure no shaking during operation;
PLC program control, easy to operate, all failures are equipped with alarm devices, which is convenient for machine maintenance;
The screen mechanism can be adjusted in three dimensions, which is suitable for high-precision silk screen printing;
Adopt IR drying device, high efficiency, suitable for fast drying of inter-color screen printing
Cloth screen printing mainly uses thermosetting inks and various water-based or oil-based glues, which need to be heated to dry. The multi-color automatic printing machine adopts multiple sets of infrared drying devices; each set of drying devices is equipped with three sets of IR lamps, and one set, or two sets, or three sets can be turned on as needed.
The drying device can be manually lifted to facilitate inspection, removal and installation of the lamp tube.

Both the screen device and the scraper device have a three-dimensional position adjustment function, which is very suitable for precise multi-color registration screen printing. The screen frame device can be lifted to facilitate the observation, cleaning and color adjustment of the screen.

The whole machine adopts advanced PLC control technology, which integrates all the actions of the operation into the control system, making the operation more convenient.
All machine faults adopt alarm device and sensor technology to report the machine's implementation and operation status to the operator in time, so as to facilitate timely troubleshooting of faults.
The program adopts a humanized dialogue mode, and the user can rationalize the operation process according to different printing processes.

The working table is made of high-strength cast aluminum material, which has good stability and is not easy to deform;
The workbench is installed by a formed aluminum alloy cantilever and supported by a tie rod, which has good stability and will not shake during operation.
The rotation of the worktable is controlled by a precision indexing plate, which has good positioning and is conducive to accurate overprinting.

The whole machine is centered on a high-strength column. The column is welded with angle steel, and the drying device is located above the radius of gyration of the column, so the operation is more stable. In order to prevent the shaking of the screen frame device, there are steel materials between the column and the screen frame device for tensioning, which greatly improves the screen quality. Stability of the running process.
The machine auxiliary device is mainly made of aluminum alloy material, with exquisite design and beautiful vision.