How to decorate Glass bottle and cup with screen printer and hot stamping machine?


Glass bottle is the safest packaging container. It has an advantage in the packaging of food, cosmetics, wine and other products. Usually, glass bottles need to be printed
square glass bottle
A square glass bottle is a bottle that is square in shape. It consists of four planes and requires printing on four sides. The printing of square bottles comes down to plane printing. You can use a plane screen printing machine to print one side at a time, or install an automatic rotating fixture on the plane screen printing machine to complete two or four sides of printing at a time.
Square bottles can also be printed on the automatic screen printing machine, one is to use the four-color automatic flat screen printing machine for silk screen printing, the other is to use the four-color automatic curved screen printing machine to print on the automatic screen printing machine, common Using UV glass ink.
The hot stamping of the square bottle is similar to the hot stamping of the flat glass. First, the glass varnish is screen-printed, and then the hot stamping machine is used for hot stamping. The current glass thermal transfer film is also relatively mature and can be directly used for thermal transfer printing to complete multi-color decoration at one time.
round glass bottle
Round glass bottles are one of the most stocked packaging forms on the market, and they still need silk screen printing, bronzing, heat transfer printing and other decoration methods.
Round glass bottles, like plastic bottles, are most commonly used for silk screen printing. Whether it is a semi-automatic screen printing machine or a fully automatic screen printing machine, it is the machine that users like to choose. Fully automatic screen printing machines often use UV screen printing technology, while semi-automatic screen printing machines use ink UV type and heat curing type are more common.
The heat transfer printing process for round bottles uses a curved surface heat transfer machine and a glass heat transfer film
Round glass bottles also often encounter hot stamping process, similar to flat products, it needs curved screen printing machine to print glass varnish and then use heat transfer machine for hot stamping.
On the fully automatic printing machine, the silk screen printing machine and heat transfer machine are combined on one machine to complete silk screen printing and bronzing at one time. A UV curing or heat curing device will be installed between silk screen printing and bronzing to accelerate the drying of the ink.