Product positioning of silk printers


The positioning of the screen printer is very important for product screen printing.
A basic requirement is to be printed with the same batch of products. The position of printing must be consistent. Then, there are clear requirements for the positioning accuracy of the product. How to accurately position the product is also an important aspect of measuring the quality of the wire printer.

Fixture positioning
The shape of the product faced by the silk printer is very different. The important way to locate the product is to make a fixture to locate the product. In this way, the location of each product should be relatively fixed when printing Without any positioning agency, it is an essential job to make a fixture for positioning.
Pickup positioning is suitable for products with relatively fixed products. In the printing of a large number of daily necessities, the positioning of the fixture occupies a very important position. It can complete the positioning requirements of most products.

Contour positioning
The positioning of products such as fabric leather is more troublesome. Their shape can change at any time. The positioning of these products adopts a rough outline positioning method, that is, drawing the contour line on the workbench, and the product follows the outline according to the outline Place the line.

Some people now use the projection method to generate outlines on the workbench to guide machines or individuals to place products.
Compared with the positioning of the fixture, the contour is a position with poor accuracy, and the location of the printed on the product actually has a relatively obvious offset. Therefore, the printing of fabrics and leather products does not belong to the category of precision printing.

In addition to the consistency purpose of the printing position, the product positioning is also indispensable for repeated printing and color printing.
Especially for products with high accuracy of duplicate printing and color printing, more ultimate product positioning is required.

Color sensing positioning
The very common hose, cups and other products in the wire printer are printed with color printing. The wire printer can identify the starting position of the printing. This is the color sensing positioning:
First of all, the first color is printed on the product. Through the position and sensitivity of the sensor, the control system will identify the first color through the driver of the servo motor and issue a printing instruction to the printing institution for a second color printing. Complete the multi -color sleeve color.

CCD image positioning
Some products such as circuit boards, mobile phone screens are required to be repeatedly printed multiple times, and the requirements for repetitive accuracy are very high. Then projecting the print image to the product surface and the accuracy of the accuracy of the computer are the image positioning.

The image positioning first uses a high -definition camera to collect product image information, and compresses it. The computer compares the location according to the requirements of the printing, and guides the wire printing system to find the starting printing position. In order to further improve the accuracy, the workbench and printing system of this silk printer use the servo system control to perform precision position matching and positioning.

It should be said that the CCD positioning system solves the positioning method of the starting printing position, and the printing accuracy on the outline of the entire product depends on the precision of the entire wire printer system. On the plane wire printer, its application has become increasingly mature. Because the system structure of the plane wire printer is relatively simple, the image recognition structure on the curved wire printer still needs to solve many problems, because CCD recognizes only static image information, and curved products have a dynamic image when rotating. Information, to ensure the consistency of the two information and the precise control of the servo system, and the further precision of the wire printer rotation system is required.