Hot stamping on glass wine bottles


Glass bottles can also be decorated by hot stamping, but the hot stamping of glass bottles is different from the hot stamping of plastics. Generally, hot stamping cannot be done directly. Instead, the surface of the glass bottle must be spray-painted first, and then hot stamped. Another way is to The hot stamping parts are screen-printed with hot stamping varnish, and then hot stamped. In this way, the hot stamping foil will be transferred to the surface of the glass bottle under the action of temperature and pressure. The process is roughly as follows:

1. Design: Silicone templates can be made for spray-painted glass bottles, and screen printing for glass bottles with silk-screen hot stamping varnish must be made first, and then transferred with a rubber roller.

2. Hot stamping: Install the hot stamping foil, choose a suitable semi-automatic hot stamping machine or fully automatic hot stamping machine, and perform hot stamping. Under high-temperature hot pressing, the gold foil is transferred to the surface of the glass bottle. Some automatic production lines integrate silk screen printing and hot stamping to achieve automation.

3. Cooling: Cool the gilded glass bottle so that the gold foil adheres more firmly to the surface of the glass bottle.

The effect of hot stamping on glass bottles is very unique and can greatly enhance the texture and grade of the product. However, the cost of this process is relatively high, and it is generally used for the packaging of high-end wine bottles, perfume bottles and other products.