Screen printing machine and Powder decoration technicals


The screen printing machine uses a screen printing plate, which is a printing plate that separates the graphic area and the non-graphic area on the transparent screen with photosensitive adhesive. The ink can pass through under the pressure of the scraper without being sealed by the photosensitive adhesive. area, while the area enclosed by the photosensitive adhesive cannot see through the ink. Since the ink is in direct contact with the product, the ink layer is the thickest of all printing processes. It is precisely because of this feature that it has an advantage in many packaging and printing fields.
1) Local UV
When protecting printed matter, it can be fully protected with varnish, or only partially protected for the graphic area, which can save UV varnish, and can also highlight the three-dimensional effect of the graphic area. Partial UV is only limited to making graphics The screen in the text area, like ordinary screen printing machines, prints UV varnish on the graphic area and then performs UV curing. A flat screen printing machine plus a flat UV curing machine or UVLED curing machine is enough.
2) dusting
Paper packaging has a kind of powder decoration, which is to attach metal powder to the part of the paper packaging to form a visual impact. Metal powder is usually made of very fine metal particles and has the characteristics of metal flash.
The powder spreading process is also closely combined with the silk screen printing process. Generally, the glue is printed on the area that needs to be powdered, and then the powder is sprayed and cured with a powder spreader. The metal powder will be firmly fixed on the surface of the glue.
The powder spreading process is generally divided into two processes: IR curing and UV curing. IR curing belongs to heat curing, and heat curing glue should be used, which has high fastness. UV glue is used for UV curing, and the fastness is slightly worse.
The specific equipment selected is a flat screen printing machine plus a powder spreading machine plus an IR tunnel furnace or a flat screen printing machine plus a UV curing machine and a powder spreading machine.