Full automatic paper screen printing machine


The screen printer is the most widely used light printing equipment, which can be printed almost in any material. Of course, it also includes paper. The paper is a carrier that all printing processes must face, and it also measures the technical level of different printing processes.
Paper needs to be positioned when printing. Because the transmission of paper will generate static electricity, static electricity will affect the ink. Paper printing, especially high -speed automatic printing opportunities, uses electrostatic device. Device, adsorb the paper on the workbench during printing.
The application of the screen printer on paper has developed rapidly. It is tuned in the direction of high speed, intelligence, precision, and automation, and there is no signs of stopping.
1) Semi -automatic screen printing machine
A large number of small companies will still use the universal single workbench's silk printer for paper printing. This type of screen printer has a diagonal arm and a vertical rising screen printer. In most packaging areas, there are still quite eye -catching performances, especially the cover packaging of books and periodicals and color packaging boxes of some gift crafts. One of the obvious tendencies of a semi -automatic silk printer is to install robotics, automatically place the product to the workbench, or remove the product from the workbench on the UV curing machine. This improvement has limited speed improvement, but it will save an operator, which will actually reduce costs.

2) The turntable screen printer
There is no rotation of the workbench in the single workbench, so it can only start the next product after the printing of one product is printed. This is why the printing efficiency has never been significantly improved significantly. In some cases where the size of the printing is not very large, the use of turntable screen printing opportunities is a better choice. The turntable screen printer generally uses more than four workbenches to rotate, and installing robots will not affect the printing action.

3) Fully automatic screen printing machine
The automatic screen printer is a high -speed transmission flat screen printer. Its structure is similar to a plastic printer. It is composed of a pile of paper, a paper printer, and a UV curing device. The paper is quickly passed to the printing device. Good quality. This is a true automatic screen printer in the real sense. The printing process is almost not used to intervene. The printing speed can reach 2500pcs per hour. According to different user needs, automatic silk printing opportunity configuration External regulatory push -pull regulatory systems, pneumatic lock -locking devices, thick paper rebound resistance paper device, paper board pneumatic lifting system, automatic lubrication system, touch screen human machine control and other advanced institutions to achieve unmanned operating goals.