Global printing machine market 2023


Printing companies will tend to apply new technologies to cope with challenges such as sluggish printing demand, rising raw material costs, and labor challenges in the new year. The demand for automation will continue to increase, and accelerating digitalization will become the first choice for printing companies.
Ryan Myers, managing director of Heidelberg UK, said that "in 2023, printing companies are expected to invest more in digitalization." After the epidemic, printing demand will still be at a low level, and efficient printing companies must seek more efficient ways to maintain Profitability, accelerating digitalization and automation have become the main directions for printing companies in the future.
According to Stuart Rice, head of commercial printing for the UK and Ireland at Canon, printing services are looking for technology that can turn around times up to a week, improve production levels and increase potential returns. "Due to the large workforce across the industry, printing companies have increasing demand for automation software and hardware. Accelerating digitalization will help streamline workflows, reduce waste and reduce energy consumption. In this challenging era, these advantages are extremely beneficial to printing companies Attraction.”
Brendan Perrin, general manager of the Federation of Independent Printing Industries, predicts that the automation trend will accelerate due to the impact of inflation. “Inflation is driving companies to leverage advanced software and equipment to streamline their printing workflow from front to top, thereby increasing output and productivity.”
Ken Hanulek, vice president of global marketing at EFI, said that the transformation to digital will become a key point for corporate success. "Through solutions in automation, cloud software and artificial intelligence, printing efficiency has reached new heights, and some companies will redefine their markets and expand new businesses in 2023."