Help you know Full automatic bottles screen printing machine


Plastic hollow containers are widely used in product packaging such as: medicine, cosmetics, detergents, lubricating oil, beverages, daily necessities, and chemical containers. They are generally made of PP, PE PET, PC and other materials by blow molding. More and more large-scale factories use automatic screen printing machines to print their products. Since this kind of screen printing machine is connected like a long queue, it is vividly called a silk screen printing dragon.
Screen printing dragon is the first automatic screen printing machine to enter the market, and it also occupies the largest share in the market. Now it is also the most standardized automatic screen printing machine. Its main structure is:
1) Feeding conveyor belt: It is a conveyor belt. The operator can place the product to be printed on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt can automatically transfer the plastic bottle to the feeding position, and the feeding nozzle of the machine will suck the bottle To the transfer table of the screen printing machine. Some users will request to customize the automatic feeding chute, and the bottles can be put into the feeding chute, and the bottles will be automatically arranged into the feeding conveyor belt.
2) Pre-press device: The pre-press device includes orientation adjustment of plastic bottles and product surface treatment, such as flame treatment, plasma treatment, coating of PP oxidant, etc.
3) Printing system: The printing system of the automatic screen printing machine is similar to the printing device of the semi-automatic screen printing machine, but it has more functions. In order to improve the printing efficiency and precision, more and more movements of the screen printing device are controlled by servo motors, pneumatic components More and more international famous brands are used for electronic and electronic components, and the main parts of the machine are also processed with high-strength steel instead of aluminum profiles. The wear resistance and service life of steel materials are much better than aluminum profiles.
4) UV drying system and UVLED drying system: For continuous high-speed screen printing, an important option to ensure that the screen is not blocked is to use UV ink, which will basically not dry to the screen surface and affect printing unless it is irradiated by ultraviolet rays.
5) Unloading system: If you do not arrange the printed products, you only need one unloading conveyor belt, but if you need to arrange the printed products, the machine will be equipped with a manipulator and placed regularly on the conveyor belt.
Now more and more users choose automatic multi-color container screen printing machine, which actually integrates three processes of flame treatment, silk screen printing and curing, which not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator, but also greatly improves the printing quality of the product. Factories that are accustomed to semi-automatic screen printing machines have also begun to upgrade and purchase brand new screen printing machines to expand production capacity.