Pad printing and Enviromental protection


After screen printing technology, the adaptability of pad printing technology has exciting applications in all walks of life.
Pad Printing technology environmental Along with social progress on the desktop.
1) ink problem: the range of water-based ink and its small, may be more feasible direction is the use of UV printing ink. But so far, UV printing ink market share of less than 7%. There are a lot of solvent-based ink is easily contaminated operating environment, more and more workers in the operation requirements to improve the environment.
2) pad plate: water-soluble polymer and alcohol-soluble polymer does not corrode links, waste water after the wash version has a limited impact on the environment. Steel corrosion process there is a serious waste water pollution emissions, but from a cost point of view, shortly domestic use resin version is still relatively small.
3) Machine problems: body spray to use environmentally friendly paint, noise to be as small as possible. In order to reduce the emission of VOC ink, sealed cup pad printing machine is recommened , open pad printer, consider using added relatively mild solvent ink.


  • Pad printing and Enviromental protection
  • Pad printing and Enviromental protection