Shuttle stroke of pad printer


Pad Printing machine is printing small size of the product developed, it still maintains the printing tiny product advantages. However, with the development of pad printing technology, printing progressively larger products in the printing performance of rapid growth.
Pad Printing To print a larger product sizes of products, you must increase both horizontal and vertical stroke.
Pad Printing machines are usually determined by longitudinal travel print size. But there are a considerable part of the product must be pad printing machine by increasing the horizontal stroke to complete. For Pad printing machine shuttle and conveyer pad printing machine, the table after each printing one color pad printing machine moving distance is a shuttle trip. Increase the shuttle trip will greatly enhance the printing machine printing product dimension.
P2-606 is one such type of pad printing machine, it reaches the shuttle trip 200mm. Its print products than the standard dimension is about twice confidential printing, you can print discs, computer panels, plastic cups, etc. Nourilogic INC ordered One set P2-606 for its Medical instruments.


  • Shuttle stroke of pad printer
  • Shuttle stroke of pad printer