How to print cylinder objects without registering point


In general, in order to achieve the silk screen products overprint, we will use the structure of the product itself, such as the handle of the cup, the cave of the bottle pits, the spiral structure of the bottle, some plastic parts of the gap to locate. But some products, without these structures, how to make it?
The latest servo color recognition positioning screen printer will solve this problem: first with ordinary curved screen printing machine for the first color printing, and then use the PS-400ESL servo silk screen machine for the second color, third color and more color overprint
The PS-400ESL is equipped with a rotating servo for the fixture, a servo for the screen movement, and a color recognition and positioning system. When the photoelectric switch to identify the first color of the positioning area, the drive fixture rotation servo automatically return to the starting printing point, the second color printing, very suitable for those who have no positioning of the cylindrical products, color silk screen.