Disposable cup screen printing


Disposable cups are usually made from paper and plastic. They can be printed by pad printer, offset printer, sublimation transfer, hot stamping, thermal transfer, and other decorative methods. Due to the large amount of disposable cups and low selling prices, the use of rotary offset printing is still the most common process.
Offset printing presses have a high printing speed and are easily overprinted. However, they occupy are expensive. Some small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to purchase. They then turn to cheaper screen printing machines. In fact, the screen printer has the conditions for printing on any cup surface.
Monochrome silk screen
The monochrome screen printing on the cup is relatively simple. Since it does not involve overprinting, almost all screen printers can be qualified. Multi-function curved screen printers, servo-curved screen printers, and automatic monochrome screen printers are all user-friendly screen printer types.
Multi-color printing
For those cups with positioning points or handles, there is almost no problem with normal screen printing machines performing accurate overprinting. A large number of disposable cups mostly have no handles or positioning points. To realize overprinting, servo-curved curved screen printers must be used. It should be said that the overprint accuracy of the servo-positioned curved screen printing machine is not high, and the user should not be overly demanding. Cup designers should try to avoid using design schemes that easily cause pattern overlap.
The material of the cup
Disposable cups use paper and plastic at most. To reduce costs, UV printing should be avoided. At the same time, flame Treatment machine can be avoided if there is no clear requirement for adhesion. Conditional customers can purchase fully automatic screen printers to print such cups, because fully automatic screen printers are equipped with flame treatment devices and UV curing devices, which you can use depending on the situation or not.