High quality closed cup pad printer manufacturer


There are more than 200 pad printing machine manufacturers in China, large and small, and it is not easy to build a strong brand. The balance between quality and price is very difficult. No company will sacrifice quality in order to win the market. However, how many companies that insists on conscience manufacturing for quality.
The ink-cup pad printer is an environmentally friendly pad printer that seals the ink inside the closed cup to prevent the volatilization of VOCs. However, the vast majority of ink-cup pad printers in China have the problem of ink leakage, which virtually eliminates the so-called environmental protection function of the ink pad printer. The main reason why ink leaks is that ink sluice is caused by poor sealing during the scraping process of steel plate.
The LC brand ink pad printer has always had a strict definition in terms of controlling ink leakage. This is not a profound technical method, but it is a kind of conscientious manufacturing.
Most of the domestic ink-cup pad printers are equipped with closed cup pushing mechanism on the rubber head sliding mechanism. Since there is an upward pulling force during the sliding process, ink leakage is inevitable. The LC brand ink pad printing machine adopts a special Ink-cup system to ensure the precise cooperation of the closed cup sliding process with the steel plate. The ink will not be leaked, realizing the real environmental promise. Of course, this approach has also increased the cost, which is the reason why the LC brand pad printers in the same paragraph pad printers in the same price.