Printing factors of pad printer


Pad printing machine has an extraordinary adaptability, especially its practicality to the shape of the product that no other printing process can match. More and more users are buying pad printers from China to print their products, such as stationery, cups, gifts, promotional items, electronic products and toys.
But the pad printing machine is not to be printed directly, it must have the complete printing elements to work. For beginners, it is the main form to express their intention to the supplier and ask the supplier to provide a complete printing solution. Here, we will make a complete introduction to the pad printing elements of the pad printing machine:
1) fixture: the device that fixed the product and installed it in the workbench, we call it jig, and the clamping device has the function of keeping the product in the same direction, and the printing position is fixed. Single color pad printing machine and all the shuttle pad printing machine need a jig, conveyor style pad printer requires 10 sets 16, 20 sets of different number of jigs, fixture can be made of atomic ash, you can also use metallic materials or non-metallic materials.

2) Pad plate: beginners can purchase materials to make steel plates themselves, or ask suppliers to make steel plates according to the design patterns provided. The machine has several sets of ink Trays or closed cups, which require several sets of steel plates. Of course, multicolor pad printing machines can also prepare the number of steel plates if they are printed in less color.

3) Rubber pad : it is also a complicated process to make the rubber head. It is a common practice for beginners to buy different shapes of rubber head directly. If you feel that the factory is expanding, or if you feel that it is not convenient to buy rubber head, you can also try to make your own rubber head.

4) Ink: the ink must be purchased, you can buy it from the local distributor, or you can buy it directly from China.
When your pad printer has the above printing elements, you can start your printing task. Pad Printing technology itself is not difficult, I believe that through your continuous exploration, you will become an expert in pad printing technology.