Shuttle-style pad printer and conveyor pad printer


The workbench of pad printer is used to place the product, the more common, base bench, shuttle worktable, conveyer worktable. The basic workbench is used to one color pad machine, turntable workbench and shuttle workbench for multi-color pad printer. A Romanian customer orders SP4-410C is a shuttle type four-color pad printing machine.
The same printing area of ​​the SP4-410C shuttle pad printer and SP4-41016C dial-type pad printer what difference does it make?
1) Shuttle pad printer overprint precision higher- pad printer with shuttle only a fixture shuttling back and forth, no the fixture manufacturing error, so the higher accuracy than conveyer-type pad printer;
2) Shuttle pad printer printing speed is slow - can only be placed in one product, only to wait until the product printing is completed before the second printing, and therefore inefficient;
3) Dimensions to be printed with shuttle pad printer is smaller , shuttle pad printer does not exist to the adjacent interference problems, and thus greater contrast can be printed.