Servo pad printer and servo screen printing machine


Servo System Introduction:

basic requirements.
   Good stability:
   In the given parameter input, the ability to reach new or revert to the original equilibrium state after a short adjustment process; servo-controlled multi-color pad printers, precision screen printers are more stable than ordinary pad printers, screen printers To be high.

High precision:
    The accuracy of the servo system refers to the precise degree of output that can follow the input. Servo-controlled pad printers, screen printers, and bronzing machines have unparalleled advantages in terms of position accuracy, movement accuracy, and ease of printing deformation. The deviation is generally between 0.01 and 0.001mm;

Fast response:
    Fast response is one of the signs of the dynamic quality of the servo system. It requires the response of the tracking command signal to be fast and the transition time is short. Printing machines and screen printers face many changes in product form and parameter settings, screen, gripper rotation, printing speed, printing position, pad printing stroke, position change, and other parameter settings change, the servo system's rapid response will be significant Improve the speed of training between different products and increase production efficiency.

Mainly consists of three parts: controller, power drive device, feedback device and motor.
The controller adjusts the control amount according to the difference between the given value of the numerical control system and the actual operating value detected by the feedback device;
The power drive device serves as the main circuit of the system. On the one hand, according to the magnitude of the control, the power in the power grid is applied to the motor to adjust the magnitude of the motor torque. On the other hand, the constant voltage and constant frequency power supply system is converted according to the requirements of the motor. The required AC or DC power for the motor;
The motor is driven by the size of the power supply.

main application
Shuttle printing machine, rotary printing machine, automatic printing machine, various special customized printing machine
Precision circuit board screen printing machine, CCD screen printing machine, automatic screen printing machine, curved screen printing machine, and other requirements for high-color printing machine and screen printing machine has a wide range of applications in recent years.