Hot stamping foil and bronzing process


     The primary task of the hot stamping process is to select hot stamping foil. The nature of the hot foil foil bonding layer determines its adaptability to the material of the product. If the hot stamping paper is not properly selected, any bronzing process adjustments are futile. The hot stamping foil is officially produced after passing the test.
    The perfect hot stamping effect depends mainly on temperature, pressure and hot stamping time.
Hot stamping temperature
     The best hot stamping temperature is the lowest temperature to ensure the hot melt melts the adhesive force. The hot stamping temperature is too high. The metal layer in the hot stamping paper will be invaded by the color protective layer to oxidize, lose the metallic luster, and the small text edges are easy to be blurred. Unclear, the clarity is lowered; the hot stamping temperature is too low, the hot melt does not reach the optimal melting state, the adhesion between the graphic and the substrate is poor, the edge of the text may fall off, and the graphic is incomplete. Even if the release agent is not completely resolved, transfer layer transfer is difficult.
Hot stamping pressure
    Bronzing on the surface of the paper, because the paper is soft, it is easy to automatically compensate for the problem caused by uneven pressure. As long as the bronzing temperature is set correctly, the bronzing pressure is not too big, and the hot stamping pressure is too large, which is easy to cause graphic Deformation, too hot stamping pressure is not enough, too small stamping pressure, will cause the hot stamping paper part and non-image parts are not easy to separate, especially large-area graphic hot stamping, to ensure that sufficient pressure is hot stamping Quality assurance.
  Hot stamping time
    For the flat pressing and bronzing process, the time for the hot stamping device to be pressed to the hot stamping and the hot stamping can be adjusted. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the hot stamping, the long hot stamping time means the ironing and bronzing paper. The increased contact time is more conducive to the hot melt completely soaking the surface of the substrate to improve adhesion. The relationship between hot stamping time and temperature should be based on the following principles: large-area graphic hot stamping temperature is higher, stamping time can be longer, fine text and graphic hot stamping temperature can be higher, but imprinting time Can be shorter.