Stamping Solution

Compress air supply

   Pad printing machines, silk screen printing machines, hot stamping machines, heat transfer machines and other special printing equipment are mainly characterized by pneumatic control. Therefore, most of them need air compressors to provide air sources. For small processing enterprises, it is necessary to purchase separate air Compressors can meet the requirements, but for larger factories, there are certain requirements for the source of compressed air. Impurities or water vapor in the compressed air will reduce the life of pneumatic components, which in turn affects pad printing machines, silk screen printing machines, bronzing machines life and accuracy damage.
     Stable and clean compressed air needs to be processed through filtration, drying, storage and other processes to ensure that the compressed air used by printing machines is of high quality.

Glass cup stamping solution

   Glass cups generally adopt the process of indirect hot stamping, that is, silk screen glass varnish first, can use solvent-based glass varnish, or UV glass varnish, use IR and UV drying and then use hot stamping machine or thermal transfer machine for hot stamping. You need to buy curved screen printing machine S-125S curved screen printing machine, tunnel drying oven or curved surface curing machine, curved surface bronzing machine or heat transfer machine to complete. It can also be done by purchasing an automatic printing machine, which includes a silk screen printing machine, IR and UV curing devices and hot stamping devices.