What treating on Polyolefin with Flame?

   Polyolefin materials, especially polyethylene, and polypropylene are the most common materials in plastic packaging materials. It has the advantages of low density, high strength, good flexibility, good corrosion resistance, and environmental protection. It is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Manufacturing of hollow containers for daily necessities. Surface treatment of polyolefin materials before printing is the most common issue involved in the printing process.

   The hydrogen bonding of the polyolefin material causes the olefin molecules to form a non-polar structure. This non-polar structure forms a repulsive unit on the surface of the material. The surface tension is low, which affects the penetration of the ink molecules. If the necessary surface treatment is not performed, the adhesion of the ink Focus will be affected.

   There are many ways for the surface treatment of polyolefins. The better method for the treatment of hollow plastic containers, cups, hoses and other products is flame treatment. Flame treatment introduces oxygen atoms in the middle of olefin hydrogen bonds, thereby changing the surface structure of olefin molecules and thus Form polar groups, increase the surface tension of the material and improve the affinity of the ink.

Some PP special inks contain strong oxidants, which can play the role of penetration while oxidizing, and can not be treated with flame. However, there are many process variables in the manufacture of olefin materials, and flame processors are still the recommended option.

Cylinder screen printing machine

How to print a cylinder is nothing new. There are very many curved screen printers on the market to choose from. Its principle is to convert the rotation of the cylinder into the plane movement of the screen. The perimeter of the cylinder should be slightly larger than the distance the screen moves.

   Through the limited upgrade of the curved screen printing machine screen system, fixtures and moving guides, the curved screen printing machine can also print oval and even shaped products.

what kinds of products can be printed?

The curved screen printer can print many types of products, but it is still mainly used to print the following products of the cylinder type:

1) Hollow plastic bottles are blow-molded bottles, which are often used to hold solid powders and liquids. This type of bottle has a small mouth and a large body, and can be made with a clamp for printing. For relatively soft bottles, the clamp also needs to be inflated. Filters, metal pipes and other products can be used without inflation.

2) Hose and cup. This kind of product has the same opening diameter as the bottle body, or is larger than the bottle body. It is very easy to make a plug-in support, and it can be printed without inflation.

What is Printing color separation?

The icon is a four-color lines of the original, the user demands Pad printed onto the surface of the sphere. Pad of principles and other printed the same way, using the reprographic, and color over-printing process to copy the original. Line originals, using visual way to distinguish between the number of colors. Above the original is composed of red, yellow, blue, black color block design. Film Producer easily the original color separation and then output the following four monochrome artwork

Very simple!

Making pad printing plates with per  film, a total of four steel plates;
 Install the pad printing plate to the four-color pad printing machine , add ink, ink color corresponds to a different color steel plate. Lines of the original color usually need to deploy, modulated with Pantone color card color you need.
 Pad overprint precision printing color sequence is also no uniform requirement, like your experience printing quality originals.

Why use Polymer plate by pad printer

       European customers are very like the printing resin version. They always ask whether we can pad printing machine resin version. 
        Pad is actually a version of resin on the metal surface of the substrate sensitive adhesive coating is made of nylon, lithography to form a similar form of intaglio printing plate, printing plate as installed in the printing machine as used. Nylon inside the family is more wear-resistant plastic, but how can match the metal, so the printing resin version of the anti-Indian rate than steel. 
        However, for Europeans, this is not the most important, it is important that the following two points: 
       1) printing resin plate making process is safe, steel plate-making process takes into concentrated nitric acid or ferric chloride, which are oxidants, skin damage, resultant NO or NO2 is a great environment pollution; 
       2) printing resin plate making process there is no corrosion program, network losses is relatively small, fine lines and outlets in the graphic printing when a significant advantage. No wonder the Europeans prefer to use it without having to care about the cost of the resin version. 
       Currently, LC brands and the LC oil cup pad printing machine pad printer brand oil pan can be used all the resin version. 
       December 10, 2011, Australian customers order the TP1-408C is used 100 * 200mm resin version. 
       We sell to Africa Tunisia customers P1-408 oil pan color pad print